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The first week back to school after sembreak was.....meh. But the weekend definitely made up for it!

As usual, we didn't really have a proper class except for one (curse you BioChem!). The teachers usually just give activities and give grading system and rules in the class. To be honest, I'm looking forward to the BioChem lab cause we didn't get to perform ANY lab activity in Human Anatomy. The moment our teacher said that she's the one going to pick our groups for the lab, I mentally panicked. I don't have a lot of close friends in our class and my luck ran out when I wasn't in their group. But on the plus side, I got grouped with one of the smartest person in our class ( and he's also a DL!!!) And we also get to take turns being a leader of the group per term except for one person who's gonna be the secretary. Did I mention that there's only FOUR people in each group?!

I was planning on watching Spectre this Saturday but when I mentioned my plan to my mother, she said that we should watch it together along with my siblings. So I agreed, cause at least I don't have to pay for it anymore (I'm devious and I know it) but then it rained so we have to cancel our plans. Turns out it was a blessing in disguise cause we did watch it today but before that we went shopping! And all I gotta say is 'I THANK YOU DEAR MOTHER OF MINE!!!' I finally got to buy headphones and some unexpected stuff.

So Spectre, the movie was great. I really like the tracking shot opening scene. It was shot beautifully and I liked the costumes they were wearing during the Day of the Dead ( i really like OO7's mask, it was cool okay).Also great opening song by Sam Smith. I gotta say, my fave James Bond character is definitely Q played by Ben Whishaw! ( he's been my fave since Skyfall) I really like it whenever he's in a scene cause he's such a Qt ( get it? cutie? shoot meeee!! i can't help it!) I want Q to make me a watch too dammit!!! That's why I also changed my userpic cause I LOVE HIM okay leave me be and let me fangirl.I was supposed to talk about the movie but then I was distracted cause Q!!!!! I won't spoil anything so it's fine if you're planning on watching it. And I really liked what the villain said to James, somewhere along the lines of "I'm the author of all your pain." Ughhhh much coolness. So....I'm rambling and I'm gonna end it there because I might talk about Q my baby nonstop.



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