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We had our first lab activity in BiocChem and boy was it tiring. Before I went to the 4th floor for our lab, I decided to stop first at the bookstore and buy the lab manual. Luckily, there were only few people so I was able to buy the said manual along with a few of my classmates. After that detour, I knew that I'm going to be a little late for the activity, but when I got there, our teacher was still writing on the board about the steps that we should follow in order to perform the activity at hand.

Of course it took time when the assigned group was handing out the lab equipment's to be used. But what was surprising was that when our teacher told us to wash equipment's before starting the activity. From our experience, we only wash the apparatus when e are done with the experiment. There were also a lot of complications during the activity that delayed our experiment. We decided to split the load in order to finish faster. As my partner and I are about to start, we found that out that there's no more methylene blue. While waiting for it to be replenished, we agreed to move on to the next activity......only to find out that the gelatin is not yet available!

In the end, we managed to finish most of the task but my feet were already hurting so bad due to standing for 3 hours! Adding to that is the fact that I'm hungry ( I'm not the only one tho) around the time that we're done ( around 11:30).

We did the adsorption activity and here's a pic of it:



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