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I just got home after the first half of our school's feast day. This is actually the first time where I actually attended the celebration held in the annex campus after the mass. I got to hang out with my friend at their after the mass. The original plan was just to change clothes but we ended up watching television. We then decided to finish the movie and then go back to school but sadly, that didn't happen. There was a blackout and it lasts 2 hours ao we never got to finish the movie (even though we're so close!)

When we got back to school, it was time for lunch. Each program has a booth and different food to offer. I quickly got in line to get ice cream (it was hot okay). We then got in line for the MLS booth, they were preparing a chocolate fountain and I saw a LOT of marshmallows and other desserts that I can't name. I also got a banana and palabok! It was truly a fun experience going from one booth to the other and see the designs of said booth and also their food. After that,t he two of us went to the fourth floor in order to relax and catch some zzz's. The organizers prepared games in order for us to enjoy and it was fun watching people catch an egg.

I had a great time today (though I'm still sleepy for waking up too early just to log-in).



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