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Today during our lab, we performed two experiments; "The Chemistry of Milk" & "Saponification".
We split into two groups, one working with the milk and the other is in charge of making the soap. I got grouped into making the soap.

The soap-making was a bit tiring as you need to constantly stir the mixture in the evaporating dish until a lump of solid is formed. My partner and I decided to take turns stirring so when she was doing that, I decided to wash the materials that we used so that there would be no hassle in returning the materials later. Now as I was cleaning the graduated cylinder, the tissue got stuck at the bottom so I put water to remove it easily. I used the stirring rod to get the tissue out since it was long. But then as I was cleaning it, the rod broke and so I have to pay for something......AGAIN. You see, last last week, I broke a test tube when I was cleaning it. Good thing it didn't cost much. As I was contemplating on why the world hates me so much right now this year 2016, I thought that it was better that the rod broke instead of the graduated cylinder. Even though it was only 10 mL, it costs Php300.00!!!

As a last note, I was in shock last Thursday when I found out that Sir Alan Rickman is dead. I loved him as Professor Severus Snape in the Harry Potter series. Actually, he's my favorite character in the said series. I hope that he may find peace wherever he is right now. And a big thank you to you sir for making my childhood memorable!



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