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Yesterday was our Open House held by the ND/HRM/TM program and also our College Days. Those events lasted for 3 days and it started on Monday.

It was my first time to attend an open house (since I usually just stay at home because it's not really required to attend). I enjoyed the events, namely; the mocktail competition and the dessert buffet. I really looked forward to the latter since I was informed that we could EAT the food once the judging was finished. It was almost around 1 in the afternoon but it was worth the wait, I get to eat something from each table and I was full by the end of the day. Oh and before I forget, the ND team mostly placed during the events. And we also won the dessert buffet.

Here's our entry:

Today I went to see Disney's Zootopia due to my friend's suggestion and I gotta say, I enjoyed it. My fave were definitely Nick and Judy (Making me ship these dorks! I regret nothing!!!). And I definitely called it, I knew who was the mastermind since I saw that animal appeared on screen (and no, I'm not gonna spoil who it is). The film deals with racism and I gotta say, it did a good job. I also loved the shout-outs to other Disney movies (Big Hero 6,Tangled,Frozen,Wreck it Ralph and others).



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