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I just got home after the first half of our school's feast day. This is actually the first time where I actually attended the celebration held in the annex campus after the mass. I got to hang out with my friend at their after the mass. The original plan was just to change clothes but we ended up watching television. We then decided to finish the movie and then go back to school but sadly, that didn't happen. There was a blackout and it lasts 2 hours ao we never got to finish the movie (even though we're so close!)

When we got back to school, it was time for lunch. Each program has a booth and different food to offer. I quickly got in line to get ice cream (it was hot okay). We then got in line for the MLS booth, they were preparing a chocolate fountain and I saw a LOT of marshmallows and other desserts that I can't name. I also got a banana and palabok! It was truly a fun experience going from one booth to the other and see the designs of said booth and also their food. After that,t he two of us went to the fourth floor in order to relax and catch some zzz's. The organizers prepared games in order for us to enjoy and it was fun watching people catch an egg.

I had a great time today (though I'm still sleepy for waking up too early just to log-in).

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We had our first lab activity in BiocChem and boy was it tiring. Before I went to the 4th floor for our lab, I decided to stop first at the bookstore and buy the lab manual. Luckily, there were only few people so I was able to buy the said manual along with a few of my classmates. After that detour, I knew that I'm going to be a little late for the activity, but when I got there, our teacher was still writing on the board about the steps that we should follow in order to perform the activity at hand.

Of course it took time when the assigned group was handing out the lab equipment's to be used. But what was surprising was that when our teacher told us to wash equipment's before starting the activity. From our experience, we only wash the apparatus when e are done with the experiment. There were also a lot of complications during the activity that delayed our experiment. We decided to split the load in order to finish faster. As my partner and I are about to start, we found that out that there's no more methylene blue. While waiting for it to be replenished, we agreed to move on to the next activity......only to find out that the gelatin is not yet available!

In the end, we managed to finish most of the task but my feet were already hurting so bad due to standing for 3 hours! Adding to that is the fact that I'm hungry ( I'm not the only one tho) around the time that we're done ( around 11:30).

We did the adsorption activity and here's a pic of it:

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The first week back to school after sembreak was.....meh. But the weekend definitely made up for it!

As usual, we didn't really have a proper class except for one (curse you BioChem!). The teachers usually just give activities and give grading system and rules in the class. To be honest, I'm looking forward to the BioChem lab cause we didn't get to perform ANY lab activity in Human Anatomy. The moment our teacher said that she's the one going to pick our groups for the lab, I mentally panicked. I don't have a lot of close friends in our class and my luck ran out when I wasn't in their group. But on the plus side, I got grouped with one of the smartest person in our class ( and he's also a DL!!!) And we also get to take turns being a leader of the group per term except for one person who's gonna be the secretary. Did I mention that there's only FOUR people in each group?!

Movie time! )
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I have been looking forward to watching this when I found out that Tom Hiddleston is gonna be in it. And I gotta say, I liked it.

Just a bit of a background, I saw this with a classmate of mine. We were planning on where to buy pig brain, nose and mouth along with the brains of goat and cow. It was a good thing that it was available on Bangkerohan or else we're screwed. So then after telling the vendor that we would go back on Tuesday to get it, our group split but then my classmate wanted to go hang out in the mall and so I asked her if she wanted to watch the movie with me and she said yes.

It's a gothic romance with a bit of mystery. The romance between Baronet Thomas Sharpe ( oh yes, I memorized Tom's name in the movie) and Edith worked for me. When he was courting her I fell in love with him as well ( I mean who wouldn't???). I really liked when they danced the waltz with that candle! Like damnnnnn I wanna dance with him as well! And then there's a scene which I wasn't expecting, that is the sex scene. Boy oh boy was I surprised but in a good way! I got to see Tom's butt and it is glorious! My classmate and I were squealing whenever something romantic happened between Thomas and Edith!

I wasn't expecting for the movie to be gore-y but it did. It was cringing when the bathroom scene happened. The final act did get bloody and sad but I enjoyed the movie over all.

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Last week, Thursday, we finally did what I was dreading the most this finals....the MOCK JOB INTERVIEW!

And I gotta say, it was just fine to be honest. I was part of the second batch and was the first one to be interviewed. I was polite and all and I stuttered a bit when answering but I think I did fine. I mean, I was able to answer the that counts as something right? After that event, I happily went out the room as it was finally over. I AM SO DONE WITH YOU, ENGLISH 5!

So this week, I think that I'm gonna focus on finishing my clearance. Ughhhhhh what college has a freaking clearance?!

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So our Intramurals just ended.

Honestly, I really liked our intrams this year. First off, I spend it with my friends unlike last year were I was busy with my staff responsibilities. And second, I had an event (even though I lost....)

This year, each program has a mascot! I took a picture even though it's not that good, but still...they were dancing

As usual, they were playing movies in the AVR, so I took that opportunity to sleep in said room in the back. It's such a waste not to utilize that time as some people were also sleeping, also the room has an aircon....

As I said earlier, I had an event and it's scrabble. Seriously, my head hurts after playing! It was a nice experience to play an event for a change.

Also, they changed the log-in log-out system this year. Instead of having it four time s a day, they made it two times so it's less of a hassle compared to the previous years.

That's pretty much what happened this week.



Sep. 15th, 2015 10:07 pm
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So, our Foods midterm grade has been released and I fucking passed!!! Not just pass (like 75), nope it was fucking 84!!!

This midterm was really putting a lot of pressure on me because I have A LOT to make up for my prelim grade that is 72. Yep, I didn't even made it to the passing grade like 75. And so I did my best during quizzes. I aim to get a passing on all my quizzes (sadly, that didn't happen, I failed one, but still....) And I did pass most of it and also my exam results were high so I thought that maybe I could get like a 75 or 79. I wasn't expecting an 84 though!

I'm just really thrilled that I managed to make a comeback, especially during midterms! We had like 12 topics and boy was it confusing! But I managed to pull through and it brings me great joy to know that I passed on my major.



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