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I have been looking forward to watching this when I found out that Tom Hiddleston is gonna be in it. And I gotta say, I liked it.

Just a bit of a background, I saw this with a classmate of mine. We were planning on where to buy pig brain, nose and mouth along with the brains of goat and cow. It was a good thing that it was available on Bangkerohan or else we're screwed. So then after telling the vendor that we would go back on Tuesday to get it, our group split but then my classmate wanted to go hang out in the mall and so I asked her if she wanted to watch the movie with me and she said yes.

It's a gothic romance with a bit of mystery. The romance between Baronet Thomas Sharpe ( oh yes, I memorized Tom's name in the movie) and Edith worked for me. When he was courting her I fell in love with him as well ( I mean who wouldn't???). I really liked when they danced the waltz with that candle! Like damnnnnn I wanna dance with him as well! And then there's a scene which I wasn't expecting, that is the sex scene. Boy oh boy was I surprised but in a good way! I got to see Tom's butt and it is glorious! My classmate and I were squealing whenever something romantic happened between Thomas and Edith!

I wasn't expecting for the movie to be gore-y but it did. It was cringing when the bathroom scene happened. The final act did get bloody and sad but I enjoyed the movie over all.

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Last week, Thursday, we finally did what I was dreading the most this finals....the MOCK JOB INTERVIEW!

And I gotta say, it was just fine to be honest. I was part of the second batch and was the first one to be interviewed. I was polite and all and I stuttered a bit when answering but I think I did fine. I mean, I was able to answer the that counts as something right? After that event, I happily went out the room as it was finally over. I AM SO DONE WITH YOU, ENGLISH 5!

So this week, I think that I'm gonna focus on finishing my clearance. Ughhhhhh what college has a freaking clearance?!

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So our Intramurals just ended.

Honestly, I really liked our intrams this year. First off, I spend it with my friends unlike last year were I was busy with my staff responsibilities. And second, I had an event (even though I lost....)

This year, each program has a mascot! I took a picture even though it's not that good, but still...they were dancing

As usual, they were playing movies in the AVR, so I took that opportunity to sleep in said room in the back. It's such a waste not to utilize that time as some people were also sleeping, also the room has an aircon....

As I said earlier, I had an event and it's scrabble. Seriously, my head hurts after playing! It was a nice experience to play an event for a change.

Also, they changed the log-in log-out system this year. Instead of having it four time s a day, they made it two times so it's less of a hassle compared to the previous years.

That's pretty much what happened this week.



Sep. 15th, 2015 10:07 pm
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So, our Foods midterm grade has been released and I fucking passed!!! Not just pass (like 75), nope it was fucking 84!!!

This midterm was really putting a lot of pressure on me because I have A LOT to make up for my prelim grade that is 72. Yep, I didn't even made it to the passing grade like 75. And so I did my best during quizzes. I aim to get a passing on all my quizzes (sadly, that didn't happen, I failed one, but still....) And I did pass most of it and also my exam results were high so I thought that maybe I could get like a 75 or 79. I wasn't expecting an 84 though!

I'm just really thrilled that I managed to make a comeback, especially during midterms! We had like 12 topics and boy was it confusing! But I managed to pull through and it brings me great joy to know that I passed on my major.

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Hey, I'm back! College has been keeping me busy for the past few weeks but I'm still here!

Examinations and projects have been driving me crazy!!! Last week was our exam and so I've been feeling nervous about my score in Foods (my major). Not the bad kind of nervous but a good one. Cause I'm confident with most of my answers unlike the prelims exams which I flunked so hard.

Today we just finished checking our test papers in Foods-lec and I'm proud to say that I passed with flying colors! Like I was only hoping to get 60 out of a 100 (we are 60-base now so it's very difficult just to get a 60!) and my score was 70! YEAH, SUCK ON THAT 38 over a 100!

That's pretty much it. I was so happy with the outcome and I just wanna write about it!

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So yesterday, my family and I watched Ant Man and I really liked it. I wasn't expecting anything grand, I just expected a fun movie and that's that. But as usual, I enjoyed it more than from what I expected. I went to check tumblr if they found the movie satisfying like I did and their reactions were mixed. As I browsed through the tags, I'm glad to find that they liked the movie. And there are those who didn't like it at all.

And the haters gonna hate hate hate )
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Well exams are over (at least the difficult ones are)!

So for the past weeks I've been feeling sick and we did some cooking in Foods (finally!) We made fresh lumpia and it's delicious!
Here's a pic:
fresh lumpia

And last week we made yema! I'm loving this course so far (the Foods lab that is)

That's pretty much what happened this past weeks.



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