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Finals are over and summer has begun! It's time to catch up with some anime and tv shows. I was browsing some tv shows to watch during summer and I stumbled upon...PENNY DREADFUL

Now, the first thing that I noticed is that it's genre includes horror and so I'm already interested. I've only watched 2 episodes so far and I'm already hooked!

I love the atmosphere and the setting. As for my favorite character, he didn't show up until the end of episode one. He didn't have any speaking lines and I already like him! It's just captivating how he interacted with Victor and I really like their relationship with just that scene at the end.

Cue to episode two and we start with Victor teaching my favorite character to eat. Now, my fave doesn't have a name yet and so Victor took a book and demonstrated a thing. He then gave the book to my fave and his finger stopped at a page with the name PROTEUS. And so my baby now has a name. Then Victor has to leave to visit Mr. Malcolm but Proteus keeps following him! AIN'T HE ADORABLE?! Sometime later we are introduced to Dorian Gray who is charming as fuck And then we have Brona who is looking for work and meets Dorian. Her character is sick and coughs blood from time to time. When Dorian saw her coughing up blood...HE'S FASCINATED! Then he proceeds to clean the blood from her lips...WITH HIS TONGUE!
oh dear lord that was so hot may god have mercy on my soul

And then we get to the freaking end. Where do I even begin? It's just that PROTEUS DIED WITHIN 2 FREAKING EPISODES!!! I WAS APPALLED! Earlier he was exploring the outside world with Victor and met new people, learned new words. He even wanted 10, no more than 10 friends and considers Victor as his friend!!! Then some bastard split him in half!!! DEAR LORD I CAN'T EVEN. I was blankly staring at the screen at the end. My whole mind was like WHAAAAAAT????? WHAT JUST HAPPENED???? Now I'm really looking forward for the next episode hoping that Victor finds a way to fix my beloved Proteus.



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